Natural Dyed ⌒ Botanical Bandana

Natural Dyed ⌒ Botanical Bandana

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Our earthy version of the 1970's Bandana 

The word Bandana is thought to come from the Hindi 'bāṅdhnū' and in Urdu 'bāndhnū' meaning a tied, bound cloth. Bandana's have been in use for over 200 years.


Hand dyed in our studio with plant dyes, our botanical bandana's are made with GOTS Certified Organic Fabrics. 55% Hemp and 45% organic cotton.

For more information see our blog post on natural dyeing and the process. 

17" x 17" 

Wear as a headband, a neck scarf, or a hair tie. 

*PLEASE NOTE that the colour will run when washing and colours will fade slightly to earthier tones over time as they are naturally dyed.

Amethyst - Dyed with Logwood 

Blush - Dyed with Avocado

Marigold - Dyed with Marigold petals

Indigo - Dyed with Indigo using the "Shibori" folding technique