Hemp Denim

Hemp Denim

HEMP Denim Blue and Black 
Fibre Content :  55% Hemp  45% Cotton
Weight: 170gsm / 5oz
Certification: GOTS Certified
Where it's made: China

hemp denim black hemp denim blue

Hemp is a fibre that has been cultivated for thousands of years allowing humans to refine and perfect methods for creating seamless, durable fabrics. Hemp textile is made from the cellulose fibre present in the stalks of the hemp plant. Fibres are separated from the central core by a process of retting and then decorticating. The lush and fibre is then spun into yarn, which is used to weave textiles.The fibres are spun into long continuous threads, the quality of this thread dictates the quality of fabric produced. Longer strands of fibre spun together make a high quality fabric which is soft to tough and extremely durable, shorter fibres are spun into lower quality yarns for industrial textiles.

Our hemp is of the greatest quality, woven with care and intention. 

Our Hemp Denim is used to create the center panel of our DAWN DRESS


  • Cold wash (hand or machine) with similar colours
  • Hang to dry (NO tumble dry)
  • No bleaching
  • Iron low temperature