Hemp Silk

Hemp Silk Blend


Fibre Content : 42% hemp  35% silk  23% cotton
Weight: 120gsm / 3.54oz
Certification: GOTS Certified
Where it's made: China
Black Hemp Silk
Hemp Silk is a unique blend of two contrasting fabrics, which when paired together form a beautiful blend of light natural texture. Fabric blends are made at the yarn stage in production. This is where each fibre intended for the blend is is gathered together and spun into yarn. This blend consists of 3 natural fibres all chosen because their individual characteristics add specific elements to the fabric. Silk for delicate and naturally lustrous feel, Cotton for its ease to work with and its softness, and Hemp for its breathability and durability. 
This fabric is used to create our CAI CAMIE 


  • Cold hand wash
  • Lay garment flat or hang to dry (No tumble drying)
  • No bleach
  • Iron on low heat