LA FEMME ——— Morgan Rae

LA FEMME ——— Morgan Rae

new mexico desert

Morgan in the Dreamy Desert - Wearing Arraei Collective and getting close to nature. We are so inspired by Morgans words, her passionate quest to seek beauty and her mission of generating a mindset of self-love.

Where do you draw inspiration from? 

Most abundantly- nature. I collect little pieces of myself each time I get lost in some wild landscape. Nature inspires me to create beyond myself and also, somehow, find all the beauty I am seeking within myself. The tangible and utterly elusive muse. I think nature inspires me to write and create because it is so complete. A lot of my writing reflects a search for wholeness and in nature, you find that effortlessly. Nature evokes connection and oneness- something I hope my writing does too. 


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What does connection mean to you?

To be seen. So many of us walk around with our heart dangling on the outside of our rib cage just to be met with indifference. Connection requires people to notice. To pause and appreciate what is. To see and be seen. I truly believe that connection is essential to life- water and air to the soul. 


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What is your mission/ philosophy? 

My philosophy is centered on the idea that self-love is global love. I believe that taking the time to nourish our soul life directly leads to us taking better care of our communities and our earth. It is a message rooted in sustainability- one that I hope inspires people to sustain both their lives and the lives of the people around them. I wrote a journal entry on my philosophy and would love to share a small snippet of it: 

"I am here for the softening, for the practice of seeing everything that weaves in and out of our lives as a sacred expression of grace. I am an alchemist turning pain into gold dust, praying I leave light lingering on everything I create.

I believe that the meaning we are able to dig out of life is directly proportional to our openness to join the chaos. To be inside the mess. To get our hands dirty. To open ourselves up to the possibility of failure again and again. and. again.

I want to help people trust their vulnerability and move through pain to find self-acceptance. To find self-love. The kind of self-love that invites you to stand in your power and say. Here I am. This is me. I offer value to this world and I will not shrink to accommodate others any longer. I want to help shift people towards a more loving relationship with themselves so that they can more fully love their community and mother earth. I want to help people re-define wellness and find agency in their own healing. I am committed to bettering our world by creating genuine connection and relationships because at the end of the day all we have is each other."


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What drew you to create a space for people to express their vulnerability? what made you start this journey?

It started with people responding to my writing. Women began responding privately to my poems and sharing their personal stories with me. It turned into a beautiful and open dialogue and so many of them thanked me for creating a safe space to share their trauma, pain, dreams, etc.. and that's when I had the idea. I knew I needed to create a larger space for people to drop their heart on the table and not be worried about how it would be received. A space that is all love and acceptance. 

I wasn't sure how people would react to me creating an online forum like this. I am asking for a lot and I realize how scary this level of vulnerability is for most people.  I want people to bare it all and that can be incredibly uncomfortable. To my surprise, I was met with a flood of submissions and am constantly amazed by people's stories and fierce bravery. What I have found through the process of creating 'Stories: Connection is Medicine' is this: so many of us are going through similar things but don't want to talk about it. I don't know if this is because of social media or the pressure to appear like we have it all together all the time-- but each person who has submitted their story walks away whispering the same sentiment. It feels so good to be heard. To feel connected in a world that is increasingly disconnected. 

More than anything, I wanted to create a sense of community and encourage people to stand tall in their truth and know they are worthy of genuine relationship and connection. It has turned into a soul project and I am excited to see where it leads! 

Morgan wrote this poem about her desert experience...

poem about nature

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