natalie florence hellyar arraei collective
Natalie Florence Hellyar
Founder | Artist | Designer​
It all starts in South Africa, my home. Born and raised under the african skies nurtured a deep connection to the earth and my natural surroundings. The wild energy of Africa fostered a beautiful relationship between me and mother earth. When I left Africa to travel the world I gained whole new sense of understanding for the planet and its people. An understanding of  culture. For four years we were constantly moving, discovering and exploring. Connecting with humanity in this way made me realise the delicate balance that exists between us and the planet. It is with these two things in mind that Arraei was born. 
Arraei Collective is a way for us to connect with the earth- to go back to nature, and be rooted in a conscious lifestyle. Our vision is to harmonise humanity and the planet, by facilitating the union of responsible thought with action, and providing a way for people to connect with ethically and sustainably made products that uplift and empower humanity.
This is the journey of ARRAEI COLLECTIVE
Natalie Florence