Of the earth for the earth | a celebration of oneness 
With a commitment to honour individual truth; We at Arraei strive to inspire all beings to remember their true innate connection with not only one another but with the natural world. Our intention is to lead consciously & with the courage to inflame a positive change within an industry that at times does otherwise. 
Putting our artistry, vision and ethos above efficiency; Arraei is divinely held together with deep rooted environmental, social, and communal values. 

Enlightened by effortless tones and textures that reflect the diversity of our land - We aspire for a future where both the planet and the people bountifully prosper. We are dedicated to a thoughtful slow process through our radical commitment to sustainability.  As voices for the planet, we create timeless heirloom pieces that can be worn for years to come, minimizing waste and prioritizing the wellbeing of all. 

Our garments mirror authentic feminine embodiment - for whatever that may uniquely signify for you. Guided by the alluring palette of the unfiltered world, we envision a reality where you're celebrated just as you are. We hope to find depth wherever we may stand as we awaken a more connected soulful way of life. Each design is curated to bring joy to its wearer - a tribute to all cosmic identities, all beliefs and all truths.  

“When I’m awakening to that and your awakening to that, there's one sacred consciousness that's awakening in both of us, and its seeing itself” 
We believe in the power of a global community, and with this knowledge we continually pursue a path of giving back. Through encouraging the voices of the unheard and embracing the rawness of humanity, we hope to collectively uplift and empower all; whether this be through contributions to charity or by supporting change through our platform. 

Getting dressed is a daily ritual, however we believe that consumerism shouldn’t be. Through embodying values that communicate minimalism, we proudly place an emphasis on less is more. By collectively initiating the practice of buying less (& producing less), we as consumers and artists give ourself the divine gift of choice - therefore, taking a step towards positively impacting the world around and within us. 

As our business evolves, with a commitment to invite new opportunities for growth; we encourage you to ask questions, get in touch and stay curious.