INSIGHT ––– Black Lives Matter

INSIGHT ––– Black Lives Matter

Artwork by : Cassie A. Namoda


We stand in solidarity with POC, our commitment for the next year will be to actively engage in anti-racism work, become a true ally for POC, donate and support initiatives. We will do our best to LEARN, RESEARCH, LISTEN, LOVE.

As a white South African woman I have always thought I was aware of inequality and racism I've thought of myself as "non-racist" my whole life— but I am now learning, that is is so much deeper than that, that there is so much I don't know, so much that I don't even realise is going on all around me, so much I can improve on, so much more than just words. I am learning what it is to be truly ANTIRACIST. I am here and I am doing the work, I will show up and mess up, I will stand by you and most importantly I recognise that this is not about me - I am listening.

Here is a list of resources I have found for myself and I wanted to share them with you. 

Please feel free to comment and share more resources with me, I am trying to be selective and post things that I have read and listened to etc.... I will continue to make a longer list as I work through these. 

Start with this : Robin DiAngelo's Antiracist checklist for Whites.


cassie nomanda

Artwork by : Cassie A. Namoda


Rachel Cargle - Sign up for her 30 day email course 

Rachel Ricketts - Great Resource List**

Ibram X Kendi - read his book "How to Be Antiracist"



1. Dear White Women - Rachel Cargle

2. Dear White People, Your Definition of Racism is Wrong - Sebastian Whitaker

3. Me and White Supremacy - Layla F. Saad



1. Code Switch - Gene Demby + Shereen Marisol Meraji

2. Good Ancestor  - Layla F. Saad

3. Truth Be Told - KQED

4. 1619 - The New York Times Podcast examines the shadow of American slavery.



Briogeo - Natural haircare

Nala - Womens clothing made in Cape Town, South Africa

Brother Vellies - Luxury shoe and bag brand

a.a.k.s - Handmade bags from Ghana

Cocoa Vintage - Handmade ceramic + mixed media jewelry artist 

KLUR - Skincare 

Sun and Selene - Jewelry


Also - One of my favourite artists: Betye Saar - check out her work.