INSIGHT ––– Sylvia Tennant

INSIGHT ––– Sylvia Tennant

We have slowly been introducing more sizes to our collection over the past few months and so our imagery needed an upgrade too. I am very proud to be adding more inclusive sizing to our collection. In the past we didn't have financial capacity to include more sizes because of all the costs that go with it. Increasing our size range means more samples, more grading, more models, more photoshoots and these costs add up for a small brand. I am happy to say that we are now ready to include more sizes and would love your feedback to help us do it properly! On that note ....
Meet Sylvia — Not only is she our gorgeous model, she also advised us on all the areas that need improvement in fit and design for curvier women and listed some important features for us to include in our clothing descriptions for you to get a better idea of how things fit! On top of that, she has her own jewellery business Zaleska - creating beautiful pieces that bring out the magic within you. We chat to her about all the things...



1. Can you share a bit about your personal journey? How has your perspective changed in the past year? Where have you come from, and where are you going?

My personal journey in the past year has been one of massive expansion. I’m learning more about my energetic landscapes - what works for me, what doesn’t. Boundaries have been a beautiful lesson. This year has taught me that there’s such a thing as too much, "yes." I’m becoming more aware of my intuition, presence, and preferred pace - it’s such a gift.


2. Can you share a recent discovery that has influenced your life?

I’ve started incorporating scheduled movement practices into my week. Dance and yoga have unveiled so much for me and I’m now cultivating a beautiful relationship with the strength of my body. I’m continuously in awe of the quality of energy I hold after a class.


shaia set arraei

3. What are your first concerns when shopping for clothing and how does that impact your choices?

As someone who occupies a larger body, fit will always be most important to me. My closet is well-curated with a combination of new, pre-loved, and vintage, based on what fits me well. I also take fabric, elasticity, and cut into consideration. All of these inform my consideration process. I say, "no," more than I say, "yes!"



4. Can you share a bit about the fit and comfort of some of our Arraei pieces?

Ivy Blouse: I love the Ivy top in copper for a few reasons. The texture of the fabric combined with the rich colour, the ruffled neckline, and the detailed sleeves make for a beautiful and wearable piece. I also love the length - I can wear it long with leggings or tied in a knot with high-waisted jeans.


ivy blouse arraei collective


The Shaia Pant and Wrap Top: When Natalie told me about the process behind the creation of this set, it blew my mind. The cotton used for this knit fabric is actually grown in this colour and there is no garment dyeing involved. I love the high-waisted cut of the pants and the stretch of the fabric. Both pieces are stunning.


arraei collective


Protea Pant: These pants are INCREDIBLE! I initially was apprehensive because of the lack of stretch in the fabric, but they relax slightly. As someone with a long torso, I appreciate the proper high rise. The coconut shell buttons are also a beautifully unique detail.


Sylvia's measurements are as follows: 

41" Waist / 51" Hips / 44" Bust 


Hope you enjoyed getting to know Sylvia <3

If you have any sizing questions, please email me directly and I will help you find your perfect fit.