LA FEMME — Julia Comil

LA FEMME — Julia Comil

An inspiring style icon, Julia sheds light on her daily rituals, womanhood and shares her unique personal style tip. We are truly inspired by Julia's personal style and take on fashion, the way she curates her wardrobe = style goals. 


 What is one thing someone has told you about yourself that you always come back to? Something you fully embrace?

Different people told me the same thing: I can do anything. I always think about that when I have doubt and it gives me the confidence to try out new things and embrace failures and successes.

Describe a day in your life, a bit about what you do, and the rituals that define your day? What are your weekly rhythms?

I am not a morning person but as a mother and working woman, I've had to learn to be efficient in the morning. I usually avoid creative tasks or workout in the morning. Instead, I focus on administrative/business development tasks and I will focus on creative activities in the afternoon and at night. Also, I receive many last-minute requests so I always do my best to plan ahead and to not postpone things. Regarding my daily routine, I enjoy taking my time to have lunch and to listen to music (the French woman in me). On the weekend, I love to hike with my husband and baby.


How does fashion influence your life? Do you usually stick to one aesthetic or change your style up depending on your mood?

As a petite woman, I have always used clothes to empower me and I love using my creativity to curate looks. I have eclectic tastes, I have been inspired by arts, architecture, and movies from different eras. I dress depending on my mood and the occasion, but I usually choose to wear something that will add structure to my silhouette. 

Any personal style tips for our community? How do you define your personal style? How should others approach their own personal style when trying to curate their wardrobe?

I think people should not dress according to fashion but according to what they feel great in. Also, dressing according to your body type is great but sometimes it is better to push the boundaries and try out new things. It is a question of balance. As a petite, I was told to avoid oversized pieces, but I like to wear them and I will balance them with more fitted pieces.


What does womanhood mean to you?

I totally embrace being a woman. I feel free, empowered, and lucky. But, I am also aware that this is not the case for many women. I believe it is part of our legacy to make sure that we will work toward more equality in the future and preserve our rights. 

What is your favourite gift you have ever received?

A surprise weekend in Roma!