LA FEMME ––– Brittany Cohn

LA FEMME ––– Brittany Cohn

brittany cohn

 Brittany Cohn of Some Girl Brittany

Brittany is an inspiring brand photographer and traveller - chasing the sun on her adventures across the globe. Capturing moments of beauty in all that she does, Brittany is a true Arraei Muse. For those of you looking for inspiration to take the leap into your dream career, or for some creative motivation let Brittany be your muse ...

1. Can you share a bit about your personal journey, how has your perspective changed in the past year. Where have you come from, where are you going? 

My journey over the past year has definitely been one of growth and change. I made a huge transition from a career in film and television to starting my own business as a full-time photographer and world traveller. Throughout this process I’ve learned so much from working with small brands, like the importance of sustainability and the impact of shopping small. It’s definitely made me more conscious of what kinds of brands I work for and how I can be a more ethical consumer. As for where I’m going, I hope to really pour my time and energy into my career and to continue to explore the world. I’m also focusing more on working with small women owned businesses which is really exciting.  

brittany cohn


2. Tell us about a recent rediscovery or discovery?

I’ve recently rediscovered my love for amphoras and vintage vessels. I’m a lover of all things pottery, so I’ve not only been collecting ones I find, but also delving into creating pottery with my own hands, which has been therapeutic and extremely fun to learn. 

3. Describe your ideal state of mind? How do you achieve the feeling?

I’m always seeking blissful moments in my daily life. Usually I can achieve it by floating in the sea with the sun shining on my face. 


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4. In what ways have you decided to live your life more consciously? How have these changes transformed you? And what are the challenges that you face?

Sustainability and ethical work practices have become a focus for me recently. I work with a lot of small brands who share this ethos and it’s taught me to be more mindful in small ways to impact long term habits. I’ve realized how important it is to not only be sustainable and ethical within the fashion industry, but in my everyday life. I’ve always been a big fan of thrifting but never really understood what kind positive of an impact it had when it came to sustainability. I credit Sarah Shabacon from Boheme Goods for being the first to really open my eyes to this, it’s made me a better person. The challenges I face are just continuing to break old habits to live as earth friendly as I can.


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5. What does womanhood mean to you?

I immediately think of empowerment, sisterhood and community. I think we as women wear many hats and are so strong to be able to be mothers, sisters and partners. Being a woman is something I truly value as I feel like we all share an inherent bond and connection. 

6. What is your favorite piece from our collection?

This is so hard to choose! I live in my Cai cami and Acacia pants but I literally can’t wait for my Poet’s set to come! 

Find out more about Brittany on her website, or follow her here 

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