LA FEMME ——— Joy Kinna

LA FEMME ——— Joy Kinna

joy kinna abstract artist


La Femme is a journal series focusing on womanhood and exploring femininity in all forms, we interview magical women from our community and share their stories, in hopes to inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

I fell in love with Joy's work a few years ago, captivated by her unique style. Her pieces leave me feeling completely mesmerized... evoking a quiet state of contemplation, contentment and peace. I am really excited to introduce her to our community.

How did you come to be an artist, tell us a bit about your journey before and what brought you to painting?

I was always interested in having a creative job. I went to art school, assuming I’d leave with a design focus or go into interior design. Instead, I accidentally fell in love with a mandatory painting course that I was initially dreading.  The teacher pulled me aside early on in the course and told me to ignore the rest of the class assignments, keep painting, and bring my discoveries to class.  She poured into me and early on brought a lot of confidence into my work. Long story short, from then on the business side of things eventually happened and flourished but it has always stemmed from a place of feeling drawn to create and a deep passion and love for painting.


joy kinna abstract artist

Tell us about your life in three words…

peaceful, creative and fun

How would you describe the way you show up in the world? What is your personal philosophy for living?

I show up in the world making space for creativity, for others, and for rest. I want to enjoy life and do it with others. To experience relationships, nature, beauty, food and rest to their fullest potential. I hope that my art brings peace and connection for others. There is so much more I could say on this, but hospitality and caring for others are at the heart of it.


joy kinna artist
What small comforts or routines have you relied on that keep you inspired and grounded?

Specifically in the studio, my morning routine here is something I cherish. I walk in and set my intention for the day. I set aside my phone and start creating a brain dump of everything on my mind. From there I turn on music and start painting.  It’s nothing fancy but it helps me stay on track. Tips for staying inspired: take notes when the inspiration is flowing so you can refer back, go for a walk, take a break and take some pressure off of “feeling inspired” all of the time.

joy kinna artist

What things are you amplifying in your life right now? and what things are you paring back on?

I am amplifying rest, play and time in nature with my family. I am paring back on obligation, busyness and pressure.

In the last month what have you learned about life/ yourself?

In the last month, I have been reminded of my need to rest. As a wife, mother and an artist, wearing all of these hats can be a lot and carving time for myself isn’t easy.  Investing in myself, in small ways, is an investment to my family and my art practice.

joy kinna artist

In what ways have you incorporated ritual and ceremony into your everyday life? How do these gestures impact your state of mind?

I believe there is a lot of power in daily rhythms and rituals. Self-care is a big one for me. I love to take the time to do skincare + facial massages in the morning and night. Getting dressed in a proper outfit every day is a must. Picking an outfit that I feel good in, visually and comfort-wise. Lastly, I have been making a habit of early morning walks and runs. Taking this time to be alone, even for a few minutes in the morning can drastically change my productivity and energy in the day.

What does womanhood mean to you?

When I think of womanhood, I think of soft confidence. I think of the strength women have in so many ways from mothering, creativity, to the way we think and dream. But also the way we can nurture, care deeply and empathize. Womanhood is also so beyond just us, but in the women who came before us and who will come after. I am so inspired by the women around me and it is a gift to do life together.

joy kinna

Who’s your favourite Artist?

Oh this is hard… Currently, I have been loving Agnes Martin's work. It is minimal and impactful. Her story is beautiful and her work truly speaks for itself.


Joy wears the Pacifico Pants and The Bra 0.1 in natural. Follow Joy on Instagram or visit her website for more information on her art.