LA FEMME ––– Morgan Suarez

LA FEMME ––– Morgan Suarez

What is the LA FEMME JOURNAL series all about?

Earlier this year we embarked on a new project exploring the essence of womanhood — “La Femme” and how we could capture the diversity of what it means to identify as a woman through imagery and exploring the idea of female archetypes. We hope to spark a conversation addressing and disrupting the narrative of womanhood while still holding fast and true to our nature... This series was created for you to be inspired, to enquire, to learn more about yourself, to dream big, to find community, to embrace who you are, to uplift others. 


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Today we spend a (virtual) day on the beach with Morgan and get to know her a little. An inspiring Mother of two, Morgan sheds light on her daily rituals, womanhood and importance of being a Mother.

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1. Tell us about your life in three words?

Chaotic, adventurous, full

2. How would you describe yourself if you had to relate yourself to one thing - be it a place, and experience, a feeling?

The ocean. Not only is it my favourite place, my name means “of the sea” and I feel like it defines me perfectly. I feel as though who I am is constantly shifting, ebbing and flowing like waves, I’m deep and wide with many things that even I haven’t yet discovered about myself. 

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3. Describe a day in your life, a bit about what you do and the rituals that define your day?

I start the day with a cup of water and then coffee. If I’m not able to start slow, my whole day feels like chaos. When I’m able to start the day slow, preferably by myself in the quiet, I read the Bible and pray and prepare my heart for a full day of mothering. 

4. What small comforts or routines have you relied on during this strange time to keep you inspired and grounded?

Going to the beach has been our comfort during this time. The only place where things feel normal, where I feel like I can breathe just soaking up the sun and the saltwater. 

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5. What does womanhood mean to you? 

Womanhood to me means being free to be whoever I choose to be, and who I was made to be. 

6. As a Mother, how have children (yours and this around you) shaped the way you perceive the world?

Children view the world with such an innocence and awe, I’d love to view the world that way.  

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7. How would you describe the way you show up in the world? What is your personal philosophy for living?

I believe a mother’s work is the most important work, because we raise the future generations. My contribution to the world is raising kind, strong, and truthful little women. My philosophy for living is similar, always be kind and seek the truth. 



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