LA FEMME ––– Stella Simona

LA FEMME ––– Stella Simona

stella simona haati chai

The creative visionary behind the brand Haati Chai and later Amarillo - Stella imbues the notion of intentionality in all that she does. We are constantly in awe of the way Stella gracefully carves her own path in the world curating a space and platform where she shares her journey to self, personal style, magical designs and her daily rituals. You can take a deep dive into Stella's world by visiting her blog: Chai Time

stella simona


  1. What is one thing someone has told you about yourself that you always come back to? Something you fully embrace?  

I am a dreamer. For me anything I believe in is possible. No challenge is too difficult. I embrace being passionate and use it to remain driven.

  1. Describe a day in your life, a bit about what you do and the rituals that define your day? What are your weekly rhythms?  

My days are really busy and often feel like a blur. I’m shuffling working from home and being a mother to two young boys. Rituals in the morning and evening really keep me routed.I like to wake up and indulge in a beauty routine. I also end my evenings with a beauty routine and journaling. 


stella simona haati chai


  1. How has simplicity influenced your life? How would you connect simplicity and intentional living? Do you feel that they coincide?  

Less is more. By being intentional and selective about what I am doing I am allowing myself space to reflect, rest, and respond to my environment. I’ve learned throughout the years being overcommitted and hyper-stimulated is a formula for disconnect to all the things that keep someone grounded.

  1. Tips for balancing motherhood, relationships and work? What tools do you use to make use of to ensure that you “show-up” as a whole you in every aspect?  

It’s important to remind ourselves that we are only human and nothing will go as planned. Having this conversation with ourselves often takes some of the weight off from feeling like  we’re not doing enough or things aren’t going as planned. It’s equally important to understand that we have to prioritize feeling balanced in order to give 100% to anything we are committed to. My advice to anyone is to understand that practicing self care is a must.

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  1. How does your personal style influence your design work for Haati Chai? Your home style? Do you feel they are all interconnected?  

I am very intentional. Everything I live and wear all intertwine into the same philosophies. Home and design are all reflections of my timeless aesthetic.


haati chai

  1. What does womanhood mean to you?  

It means understanding our power as a women and supporting other woman to be their best selves for herself and others.

  1. What is your favourite gift you have ever received? 

My sons.


stella simona haati chai

Stella wears the Shaia Set in Sand