LA FEMME ––– Mariana Mae

LA FEMME ––– Mariana Mae

mariana may easy to breathe

Mariana Mae of Easy To Breathe

Mariana Mae of Easy To Breathe is an artist, healer and space holder who embodies the essence of mother earth in her practice. Mariana is rooted in the reverence of culture, ceremony and nature. Drawing inspiration from our earth and her diverse spiritual traditions, Mariana crafts and creates unique offerings that invoke deep conversation. Her workshops aim to restore balance, heal with nature and create community while uplifting ancient cultural techniques. 

We talk a walk with Mariana through nature and get to know her a little ...


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1. Can you share a bit about your personal journey, what is currently inspiring you?

The sweet and strong seedling sprouts of basil, yarrow and purple corn are inspiring me at the moment. Their patience and their resilience, to grow from the dark soil towards the light of the Sun delight me with joy and hope. As Spring begins to blossom here and we enter Taurus season - the season of my birth landing on Earth, I am feeling a sense of renewal. I am once again a seed sprouting, composting outgrown layers + patterns and emerging from a rich, fertile soil to support me to continue growing anew.

2. Tell us about a recent re-discovery or discovery?

As we constantly remember what we have once forgotten, I return to this notion in times of self-evaluation that unlearning is a beneficial way to learn. Such as unlearning a limiting condition no longer serving it’s purpose that I may have adopted throughout time. By unlearning we reveal what is true for us, re-learn a new way to integrate and re-write a new narrative to implement the teachings into our life.

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3. Breathe ... can you share a tool from your tool box for people wanting to connect to their breath?

Listen to the Wind. Walk outside and just, listen. Find a spot to sit with Mother Earth and be still for a moment, or for an hour, and just, listen. Air, Mother Earth’s breath, breathes to help us breathe. Begin to hear the symphony of wind sways, and how they harmonize with the leaves of the trees. Perhaps the air is silent, perhaps the wind is rhythmic. Synchronize your inhale and your exhale with Hers. It’s simple. It’s accessible. It’s profoundly moving.

4. Of the earth, for the earth — what does this mean to you?

Of the Earth, For the Earth is a venerable exchange. May we receive what we are given from the Mother Earth with reciprocity to give back to Source. We are synonymous to one another. If our wish is to honor our selves and live in harmony with our selves as a human people, we must then honor and live in harmony with Her. How we learn and choose to do so is our greatest responsibility.


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5. In what ways does ceremony amplify impact in your life? How does this translate into your daily living / state of mind?

I like to see through the optic of Ceremony from a wider, more digestible perspective of the ceremony we call Life. Our living existence is a ceremony in itself, from birth to death and many rites of passages in between. To simplify, often times I refer to ceremony as a collaboration between the Human Heart with Nature and Spirit. For we are guided by them, daily. To dig a bit deeper, ceremony impacts my life as a forward steering guiding force of healing for my soul and life’s journey. Sitting in traditional ceremonies with the elders, with the elements, with the plant medicines, with the songs and the prayers is a very precious path I walk with reverence to Life.

6. Do you have a personal philosophy that you live by? Something that you strive to embody across all your day to day activities?

Inside of us all lives a child. A child whom is learning and a child whom is growing. A child who doesn’t know and a child who is full of wonder. As we grow through our day to day, our inner child accompanies us. Tending to the relationship of our present day self and our inner child is a dance, a blessing and a privilege that will benefit the fruits of our life’s labors and the healing future of the seven generations to come.

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7. What does womanhood mean to you?

Womanhood is water forming stone.
Womanhood is being in symbiosis with our inherent cyclical nature. Womanhood is feeling steadily rooted in strength and in sensitivity. Womanhood is discernment, responsibility, leadership.
Womanhood is vocal expression, truth telling, empowering reclamation, creative liberty. Womanhood is nourishment.

8. What is your favourite piece from our collection?

The Dawn Dress.


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