INSIGHT ——— Sustainable Face Masks

INSIGHT ——— Sustainable Face Masks

Information about our sustainable face mask production



We initially started our initiative " BUY ONE GIVE ONE" to donate masks to our local communities that are in need as part of one of our core philosophies at Arraei- Giving Back. Over the course of 3 weeks we have got up to 2500 masks to donate, we are so proud and so humbled by the response and we wanted to reach out and personally thank you for your support. 

This has been allot of work for our small sewing team and me (as I am working alone from my studio to fulfill and ship all your online orders). Up to this point we have just been covering our costs with the 'buy one give one' model and recently our sewing costs have increased per mask- so we have decided to change our model to donate a mask for every order instead.

We have 2500 masks to date to donate from the 'buy one give one' model, and we are now moving to a 'donate one for every order' model. This helps us cover the increase in sewing costs and not pass that onto our customers. It also helps me hire help to pack and ship orders quickly and efficiently to you.



Part of our Zero Waste initiative and our philosophy of Giving Back we have partnered with Boheme Goods to make non-medical sustainable face masks. *due to high order volumes we have finished all our fabric waste (yay) and we are now buying sustainable fabric for our masks* 

We are using 2 fabric compositions: 

55% Hemp, 42% Organic Cotton, 3% spandex or 

55% Lyocell, 42% Organic Cotton, 3% spandex  



Our masks are beautiful constructed with a double layered hemp fabric with an internal pocket/sleeve to add a filter. They are designed to be washed and reused. 

For best practices please refrain from touching your face when wearing the mask, wash after each use. Face masks should not replace hand-washing and should be used in conjunction with social distancing.

Available in adult, kids, toddler. * please note we DO NOT recommend using masks on children younger than the age of 1 * toddler masks are made without a sleeve to make them thinner as to not restrict breathing for young children. Toddler masks are to be worn with monitoring!


For hygienic reasons all face mask purchases are final sale