We produce all of our garments locally in Vancouver, Canada. We work with a small team of sewers to ensure that they are paid fair wages and work in adherence with fair trade principles. We have chosen to work with local production sewers to help us maintain a good relationship with each member of our team, this also helps us ensure each and every garments' quality. We operate under the term "SLOW FASHION" - meaning we the finest garments that are made to last a life time, while respecting our planet and the people that inhabit it.    



Our garments are made from all natural fibres (Linen, Cotton, Hemp, Silk) See OUR FABRICS for more information. We have made it our mission to produce with only the highest quality natural fabrics, that come from trusted sources. Most of our fabrics are certified with either GOTS or OEKO-TEX. This is important to us as we are supporting ethical business practices, as well as providing our customers with a transparent link to holistic information about their product and confidence in what they are supporting.

Arraei Collective has crafted all of our pieces with the earth and all its inhabitants in mind. We are rooted in sustainability and integrity working toward our vision of harmonizing humanity and the planet. 

Our hangtags are 100% recycled paper attached with cotton twine. Our mailers are compostable plant plastic. Each garment comes in a reusable cotton tote bag, a eco-friendly way for us to protect your garment for shipping. Our clothing labels are 100% cotton. All our trimmings (buttons etc) are from sustainable sources and consist of 100% natural materials*.

At Arraei we think consciously and considerably about the circular economy. This means considering the end of life of all of our garments. Our fabrics will biodegrade within 1-5 months. From the earth and back to the earth causing no harm in the process.


What is The Circular Economy?

The circular economy is a 'closed loop' economy, which is restorative and regenerative by design. It is an alternative to the current linear economy (make, use, dispose), instead resources are kept in-cycle until the maximum usage value is reached. After which restoration of the resource occurs, allowing for a regenerative model that redefines growth and focuses on positive global impact.

The Circular Economy and YOU:

We ask that you please reduce, reuse, recycle, and continue our conscious efforts in effecting positive impact.
If the time comes and you are ready to part with your garment, please do so mindfully and creatively. Please email us for available options for the end of your garments life, and we will help point you in the right direction. We aim to offer an up-cycle collective in the future, where we will be collecting and up-cycling pre-loved Arraei pieces for resale.  


*with the exception of our nylon size tags and care labels